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Thursday, August 3rd 

Gianluca Borghini –  Sapienza Università di Roma – “Mechanisms of performance decreasing in aviation

Tessa Dekker– University College London – “Accounting for your own visuomotor abilities: a risk‐factor for children in traffic

Renzia de Koning – Qumo Trainingen/HeartMath – “HRV, coherence and biofeedback: a practical approach within the police

Prof. Scott MacKinnon – Memorial University – “How a motion-rich environment impacts psycho-physical performance and decision-making: a maritime context

Eric Maris – Donders Institute, Nijmegen – “Movement intention determines the sensory information on which the movement is based; a plea for action‐related traffic safety research

Bruce Mehler – Massachusetts Institute of Technology – “Psychophysiology on the road: research themes, measures and future applications

Kerwin Olfers – Leiden University – “Eyes on the road: the state of eye based measures in traffic research

Jakob Scheunemann – Oldenburg University – “Demonstrating brain interactions between working memory load and lateral control demands while driving using functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS)

Melcher Zeilstra & Rolf Zon– Intergo / NLR – “Measuring behaviour of train drivers in a safety-critical task

Rolf Zon – National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) – “Human factors research in aviation

Friday, August 4th

Prof. Karel Brookhuis – University of Groningen / TU Delft – “Measuring drivers’ physical and mental condition

Prof. Jan van Erp – University of Twente / TNO – “Physiological measures as indicators of mental state relevant in driving

Paul van Gent – TU Delft – “Smart Steering Wheel, Driver State and Open Source Science

Ellen Jongen – Open University Netherlands – “The road towards ecological validity: from laboratory research to applied relevance

Chris Janssen – University of Utrecht – “Detection of audio signals during autonomous driving as revealed by the frontal-P3 ERP

Brook Shiferaw – Swinburne University of Technology – “Differential effects of ascending and descending BAC limbs on drivers’ visual scanning

Andrew Spink– NOLDUS – “DriveLab – a new system for measuring driver behavior and physiology

Divera Twisk – SWOV – “Saving lives and reducing injuries through studies of human performance in road traffic

Giovanni Vecchiato – Italian National Research Council – “Electroencephalographic correlates of braking and acceleration events during simulated car driving